Bernadette Linn visits SZ

Secretary for Development Bernadette Linn today visited Shenzhen to learn about the development of local districts, particularly in attracting industries, as reference for the development of the Northern Metropolis.


Ms Linn joined sharing sessions by the Development & Reform Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, and the Shenzhen governments of Luohu and Pingshan districts on the development of Sungang and Qingshuihe sub-districts in Luohu as well as Pingshan and Baguang sub-district of Dapeng New District.


The discussion topics included the planning and development process and selection of developers as well as a visit to some of the districts.


The development of Sungang sub-district in Luohu focuses on modern commercial business, while the neighbouring Qingshuihe sub-district, planned as a “Headquarters Economic Cluster of Digital Economy”, is a base for the artificial intelligence industry.


The Life & Health Technology Park and Biomedical Accelerator area in Pingshan are platforms for strategic industries such as biomedicine and medical equipment. Baguang sub-district of Dapeng focuses on emerging industries such as the marine industry, and life and health.


The development chief noted that being innovative in policy making is necessary for delivering the vision of the Northern Metropolis.


She pointed out that the previous mode of development was for the Government to carry out site formation works, followed by the sale of individual sites by public tender, with roads and community facilities also constructed by the Government.


Ms Linn also said that in future the Government will proactively explore the “development of local districts” mode by selecting sizeable land parcels with commercial returns and community facilities in certain areas in the Northern Metropolis for the successful bidder to develop and construct the project collectively.


This mode of development can alleviate the Government’s financial burden in the initial stage, facilitate a more co-ordinated design for the development of local districts and expedite the provision of public facilities by leveraging market forces, she added.

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