1823 service boosts efficiency

The Efficiency Office today said it will actively follow up on the recommendations set out in the Ombudsman's investigative report on the effectiveness of 1823 in handling complaints and enquiries.


Among the 13 recommendations made by the Ombudsman, the office said seven have already been implemented or will be implemented by 1823.


The office announced that it will make improvement measures in areas such as complaints handling, operational efficiency, collaboration and communication as well as use of data for analysis.


To better handle complaints, the office will systematically sort out unresolved cross-departmental complaints involving district issues and submit a report to the Task Force on District Governance chaired by the Deputy Chief Secretary, for discussion with relevant departments and providing guidance.


It will also develop a mechanism and formulate guidelines for submission of cases to the District Officer or the task force in a systematic, appropriate and timely manner, in addition to regularising the escalation mechanism.


The office noted that 1823 launched a series of projects last year that use new technologies to enhance operational efficiency and will increase the use of artificial intelligence technology in the future.


1823 will also continue to provide advice to participating departments on their information dissemination and strengthen collaboration and communication with them.


For better use of data for analysis, the office said 1823 will follow the existing arrangement to provide case data to departments and submit various case statistics and analysis reports to participating departments.


1823 will also further consolidate the case data collected for comprehensive analysis by policy bureaus or departments to further improve government services.


The office was pleased to note that the Ombudsman recognised 1823’s excellent efficiency in handling public enquiries and 99% first-call resolution for telephone enquiries.

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