HK a world-class events city: CE

Happy New Year, and a happy Valentine’s Day to you and to everyone. I trust your hearts are all as “chubby” as mine, on this splendid day, where romance is in the air – or soon will be.


Yes, in just a few minutes, thanks to Chubby Hearts Hong Kong, love will soar, in the shape of a pleasing red heart, probably bigger than any you have ever seen before.


This inspired installation was created by celebrated UK designer Anya Hindmarch, who is with us today. And thanks, Anya, for coming all the way from the UK. And this marks the very first time her joyful, adorable hearts embrace the skies of Asia. Over the next 11 days, larger-than-life, pop-up hearts will rise over scenic and landmark locations, all across our beloved city of Hong Kong.


For that, my thanks to Ms Hindmarch, as well as the Hong Kong Design Centre, for bringing Chubby Hearts to Hong Kong, the fast-beating heart of Asia. Let us give them a heartening round of applause.


Chubby Hearts Hong Kong is just one of the many mega events Hong Kong will play host to in the coming year.


From leading regional and international trade fairs and exhibitions, to world-class arts, culture and sports competitions and shows, we will create and attract a continuing flow of new and inviting experiences to Hong Kong. These will spotlight our advantages as an events city centre, promote our economy, and reinforce Hong Kong’s status as a must-visit global city – for business and investment, as well as for tourism and non-stop entertainment.


Apart from showcasing Hong Kong’s innovative heart and dynamism, Chubby Hearts have inspired a variety of creative exchanges, between global designers such as Ms Hindmarch and Hong Kong’s own high-flying talent.


Let me add that Chubby Hearts will be with us until February 24, which is the 15th day of the Lunar New Year and the Lantern Festival, known by many as the Chinese Valentine’s Day. It will be a heartfelt and lovely day to celebrate Hong Kong’s East-meets-West culture.


I wish you all the best of health, and love, in the year to come. Thank you.


Chief Executive John Lee gave these remarks at the launch of Chubby Hearts Hong Kong on February 14.

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